Emily doesn’t have a diagnosis still. We have no cause for her epilepsy. It was infantile spasms in the beginning but now it’s just called idiopathic intractable epilpesy. She is a mystery

When she was 6 months old I asked the dr to be honest. Should this diagnosis shorten her life expectancy? He yes yes. Most definelty. We were crushed.

Our hope for cannabis use is simply a better quality of life. Less seizures and more childhood. She is so amazing and We want everyday with her that we can have.

What we want the world to know is Emily is worth all of the heartache and suffering. She is incredible. She deserves a chance to live seizure less/free.

She misses her family in IN/KY and it’s not fair that we had to move across the country to be able to legally help her.
Given the same situation I would expect any parent who truly loves their child would want and do the same as we did.

Emily has taught us not to judge and form an opinion based on what we have been taught in the past. If we didn’t have Emily and she didn’t have epilpesy I don’t know if we would have ever considered cannabis therapy a serious and effective treatment.


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