Allie is a 14 yr old girl with intractable epilepsy. She had her first seizure at age 6 months. She has been on at least 40 different seizure meds. In 06 she had her right frontal lobe removed and in 07 another brain surgery. She has lost her speech twice and has had a VNS in 2 times its a Vagal Nerve Stimulator but like all the other meds this didn’t work either. Her EEG showed constant seizure activity 300+ a day , after her surgery it did show some improvement but she has lately started having “drop seizures” where she has busted her head open several times.

We have tried everything and our doctor In Birmingham Alabama has said theres nothing else. so what we are hoping for is the CBD to be our miracle drug , we are so afraid that one hard fall and that’s it for her and we are not ready to give up. We moved 20 hours/1600 miles away from home (Alabama) and we all are having a hard time with the move away from our family. But Allies life is most important I would do it for my boys too!!!!!

Allie loves her family and I believe that is why she is kinda down and having more seizures because we are away from our Alabama family. She loves everyone and is a HUGE Daddy’s girl.

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