Andres was a normal healthy boy until October 19th 2007 when he contracted viral encephalitis. He was 7 years old. Encephalitis basically means acute brain swelling. He started seizing violently and had to be put into a medically induced coma.

The recovery from Encephalitis has been very hard on him and on his family. He is left with temporal lobe damage on both sides and his speech/ language both written, spoken and understood have been heavily impaired. His cognition is also affected. We have tried many different conventional medicines and diets recommended for seizures but nothing has stopped them completely. Andres is now 13 and has about 10 complex partial seizures a month.

We traveled 2100 miles from Fort Lauderdale Florida to seek cannabis for Andres. I live and work in South Florida and my wife and son live in Colorado Springs. We are hoping the high CBD cannabis oil will significantly reduce or eliminate his seizures so we can take him off the meds he is on and take away the horrible side effects that go with them. My daughter is relocating with her mother this month and if all goes well I will look for a job in Colorado and make it my home. We will gladly live in Colorado for the rest of our lives if that’s what it takes to help our son and ourselves have a better quality of life.


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