Calvin’s qualifying condition is pain. He has femoral retroversion in his hips and neck. He also has autism and major Self Injurious Behavior.

Today is day 22 on cannabis. We’re using edibles until Realm Of Caring gets some meds for him. He is doing awesome. His behaviors are just about non-existent.

He’s 14 and was considered non-verbal. Since using cannabis, he is verbally using words and using the augmentative app on his iPad more.

Typically, he had 20 head beating episodes per day. He has only had one episode since using cannabis. I hope the CBD works as well as the THC! All of his therapists are so happy that he’s doing so well! His PT stopped taping his legs because the cannabis has worked so well for pain and inflammation. I could go on & on. So happy.

I cried everyday for the first week of him using cannabis. We no longer had to pull over and restrain him on our way to therapy. He was beating his head and biting himself constantly. He had a huge knot on his head from beating and at one point, the knot split. It was horrible. His quality of life was horrible. Cannabis has given him a second chance in life. I am so thankful. It only gets better from here.


6 thoughts on “CALVIN

  1. wow! Its amazing to hear what the plant can heal My 17 y.o. older brother suffers from asperger’s syndrome and acts very similar,not nonverbal but close he would always punch himself in the head or try to choke him self 15-20 times a day and have VERY bad tantrums
    He also has very bad gastrointestinal issues
    (Chrone’s, Gerd, asophagul spasms.) He has gone through 3 surgeries, has been to the ER numerous times , he is seen by the UCLA medical center by Dr.Albertson and The Pain management unit at University of California, Irvine. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s and is regularly checked on at MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs.) Last year his pain mangement doctor put him on 5mg hydrocodons to cope with his pain and 1 mg diazepam to relieve his anxiety. It has been a year and his prescription drugs have are 6x as strong. Oxycontin doesn’t do much for him anymore and he has definitely grown a dependence on the pharmaceutical drugs. in fact he told me a couple weeks ago that sometimes he would take his pain meds just so he wouldn’t be depressed:(.His quality of life was bad(drugged up, MORE self injurious behavior, etc)and it definitely affected everyone else’s too, especially for my mom (dad’s a deadbeat drunk drifter). I am aware of the medicinal benefits of marijuana as i used to take pharmaceutical drugs (Xanax, Adderall) for my ADHD and panic attacks, now i only use medicinal marijuana! We put him on Cannabis three weeks ago and immediately noticed a REMARKABLE change, i always knew in my head that cannabis would cure his problems, but i had never seen my brother as happy and talkative! His spasms had stopped, his anger had been thwarted, and he ACTUALLY slept a whole night for the first time in months( his insomnia is so bad his internal clock is backwards; nocturnal sleeping pattern?) For the FIRST time in months i actually had the chance to hang out and play football with him. His life is getting better by the day! He’s pretty much weened off of all the pharmaceutical drugs hes BEEN taking for the past year in only 3 weeks and hasn’t harmed him self once infact he progresses ten fold by the day. i love it.

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