While Charlotte used to struggle just to survive, suffering through 40+ grand mal seizures per day, she is now able to do many of the things that her twin sister can do. She has friends, rides horses, rock climbs, and even recently enjoyed a multiday family rafting trip along the Colorado river!

Her wheelchair and seizure helmet are in storage collecting dust. Dravet Syndrome‘s horrors and the typical cocktail of pharmaceuticals are no longer a reality for Charlotte.

Being the first young child in the state of CO treated with Cannabidiol, the Stanley family named their rare, non-psychoactive, high CBD:low THC plant strain after her; “Charlotte’s Web“.

Charlotte is featured in the CNN documentary “WEED” by Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Charlotte’s story told by The Gazette’s Barbara Cotter

Realm of Caring video

8 thoughts on “CHARLOTTE

  1. Thank you thank you thank you u are a inspiration and proof that the treatment can work and hopefully more states will take notice and legalize use for medical treatment bless your heart Lil Charlotte.

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