Kaitlyn has been having seizures since she was two and a half months old. At six months old she was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome and began have seizures every two to three days, lasting up to an hour. While Kate is still on track developmentally, the long-term prognosis for her is poor. She is expected to decline in the second year of life as her seizures progress and evolve into different types. Many children with Dravet don’t survive until adulthood. We made the decision to move to Colorado in the summer to get Kate on CBD as quickly as possible. Our hope is that starting this treatment at such a young age will relieve her of her life-threatening seizures and prevent her from declining developmentally and physically. We hope to one day have Kate on only CBD and wean her off all other pharmaceutical drugs that are creating such terrible side effects. We hope Kate can be an example for the medical community that early CBD intervention is important and that this treatment should be a first-line course of action, rather than a last resort.Kate is a real fighter, she bounces back from her seizures so quickly and has already been through so much more than most people in their entire lifetimes.

2 thoughts on “KATE

  1. I still tear up seeing these kids but my sad tears have been replaced by happy tears that these glorious babies are getting real treatment. Stay strong little ones

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