Wyatt and his identical twin brother Evan were born at 27 weeks because they were being affected by Twin To Twin Transfusion. Wyatt suffered a significant brain injury before delivery because of a lack of blood flow and oxygen to his brain.

Wyatt started having seizure activity at around 9 months old. At 1 year old Wyatt was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. At 6 years old he had surgery to repair his left hip. It was a very painful surgery and it was not successful.

Over the last few years Wyatt had a Baclofen Pump implanted twice to control his tight muscles and startle seizures. He had complications from both pumps and they had to be removed.

We are back at the drawing board for controlling seizure activity, hip pain, and extremely tight muscles. Wyatt is on 3 seizure medications along with Valium and oral Baclofen. We hope we can have similar effects from this treatment as we had with the a Baclofen Pumps without having to implant a foreign object into his body.

We can not wait to see what Wyatt can accomplish when he comes off the pharmaceuticals. He has great control of his head movements and uses his head to access a communication device. With the ability to communicate Wyatt is able to show everyone how much he understands and also show his great sense of humor.


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