Cienna is 6 years old. She had her first seizure at the age of 8 months. She didn’t have another seizure until 18 months of age. She was diagnosed as Epileptic, from that day forward she seized almost daily.

Her journey then began with a life of living with Epilepsy and 2 different AED’s (anti-epileptic drugs) to control her seizures. She has Partial-complex, Atonic, and Absence seizures almost daily.

She has also been diagnosed with Mild Encephalopathy. The associated symptoms can include subtle personality changes, inability to concentrate, lethargy, progressive loss of memory and thinking abilities, progressive loss of consciousness, and abnormal involuntary movements. She now struggles with Sensory processing disorder, a term that refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses. She is extremely sensitive to smell and textures of food, sensitive at times to sound and light, and exhibits an appetite for sensation that is in perpetual overdrive.

Her development was slightly delayed at an early age. She didn’t crawl until 9 months of age and didn’t walk without assistance until 18 months of age. She is now developmentally delayed and functions about a 3 year old. The side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs and seizures that are still not under control continue to riddle her body every day.

The hope for use of CBD is to give Cienna a life without pharma drugs and Epilepsy.

Her Neurologist back home has described her as having a “Quirky Personality” All in all, quirky people are amazing, and great friends with excellent personalities that can bring anyone’s mood up. Her unconditional heart is beautiful.


2 thoughts on “CIENNA

  1. Soo Beautiful we LUV U two lIL Cienna and lil Ronnie!! and me and your cousins are praying for you each and every morning we wake up and before we go to bed at night. I am thankful to be apart of your family Terra and Ronnie you guys are such a BLESSING to your children’s life that you continue to have FAITH and be so strong to live n fight for the life of your children even though it puts each of you miles apart that thrive and love will never break you apart. This is all in GODS hands, it is so hard when u look at the reality of this situation it’s things we hear about or read about or someone you read about in a magazine but this is a direct family of mine and it really brings so much emotion and impact on life itself. Simple things we take for granted in life and complaints we have its an unexplainable feeling but just know we luv u all and will continue to pray and have faith that GOD will heal them in so many ways!!

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