Hunter is a seven-year-old boy diagnosed with intractable epilepsy, eses (electrical status epileptic of sleep), and developmental delay. His first seizure was a febrile seizure at age two and a half.

Since then hunter have been on numerous medications and has seen many specialists. All of the doctors have said the same thing, that Hunter is a puzzle. The cause of his seizures is known. He is not a surgical candidates. He had a vagal nerve stimulator implanted to help with the seizures, however it has failed to do so. Doctors have also said that he is following the pattern for Landau kleffner syndrome, a rare progressing epilepsy syndrome.

Hunter is a sweet lovable boy. He’s always giving hugs and kisses, even to strangers. Over the years Hunter has shown aggressiveness behaviors due to the pharmaceutical side effects of medications. His seizures has gotten worse any continues to decline cognitively, emotionally, and physically. We miss our boy.

The seizures are stealing him away from us. After we heard the story of Charlotte Figi, we have been given hope for our son again. We want our boy back. We want to get to know who he truly is.


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