Miracle 4 Maggie

Magdalyn Joy, daughter of Shawn and Rachael, was born May 2012. She was perfect! At 6 weeks old, she began having full tonic-clonic seizures. Since then, everything about the journey with sweet little Maggie has proven to be a mystery. Doctors have not been able to quite figure her out. After tests upon tests, a handful of hospital stays, and multiple seizure medicines, there are still no concrete answers, except that her prognosis is questionable.

October 2012, when Maggie was only 5 months old, the family was told Magdalyn probably wouldn’t live very long. They were not willing to accept that then, and they still are not. Shawn and Rachael have relentlessly pursued any avenue they can to help Maggie developmentally. Last fall she began seeing what is called an Integrative Manual Therapist, which helped to improve the overall integrity, motility, and function of her soft tissue systems. There is no doubt, if they had not begun this therapy, as well as drastically restrict Mommy’s diet last fall, Magdalyn most likely would not have celebrated her first Christmas with them.

At 9 months, she developed a new manifestation of what are known as Infantile Spasms. She has yet to find relief and control from these seemingly harmless, yet devastating generalized seizures. They present themselves like a startle response, but each spasm is a generalized seizure. On any given day, she has hundreds of them. She also has hundreds of myoclonic jerks a day.

Over the past summer, the family traveled to The Family Hope Center, a center specializing “brain injuries” and equipping families to provide an intense and extensive holistic at-home therapy regiment. Maggie and her mom spend their days diligently working to awaken and organize her brain through a program specifically geared to meet Maggie at her neuro-developmental level and stimulate the brain accordingly.

These therapies have helped to strengthen her body, but the paralyzing combination of the ineffective, yet detrimental, anti-seizure meds and the uncontrolled spasms create a fight within her own body. At 17 months old, with severe developmental delays across the board, the Selmeskis relocated from Tennessee to Colorado to begin Maggie on medical marijuana. The progress other children have seen using medical marijuana provides hope that someday precious Maggie will be able to fully express her personality, or as they like to say, have the opportunity to emerge from her shell of a body. Shawn and Rachael can’t wait for the opportunity to meet their daughter, as they already know she has some spunk to her! The manual therapy, neuro-developmental program and cannabis oil could be the trifecta they are looking for.

Though the family is extremely hopeful that the cannabis oil, along with these intensive therapies they are providing, will allow her to have the opportunity to have a more carefree childhood, ultimately, their hope is in God, and they know He is the one guiding each step along the path. He has provided for them thus far, and there is no doubt He will continue to hold them in the palm of His hands.

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