Brooke was born in Colorado Springs to Dwayne and Diedre Watson. She was a beautiful baby with no hint of what was to come.

Exactly 5 months to the day she was born, she was having trouble sleeping and was fussy. I picked her up and she went into her first grand-mal. It lasted an hour and 15 minutes. Her second seizure was exactly one month later. It also lasted an hour. From then on her seizures became much more frequent but shorter. She developed normally for 3 years. She loved to sing. Barney songs were memorized by all of us. She loved to play waitress and walk around the table with a pad and pencil and say “whayawant?”

Her third year, she started into cluster seizures. She had so many seizures that year that by the time she was four, she had lost most of her learning and her potty training. We traveled all over, visiting every clinic that we had heard might be able to help. We went to the Minnesota Epilepsy Clinic hoping to get the latest treatments. All we got was a diagnosis of Lennox-Gastaut-Syndrome which didn’t really tell us what was wrong with our baby, only that she was having more seizures that we even suspected. We tried closets full of supplements and almost every kind of seizure med available for a child her age. Nothing worked. She still continued to lose all she had learned until she became completely non-verbal and is incontinent. She has to be fed and changed and bathed. We are unable to take her in public places because she panics and is very disruptive.
She was genetically tested for Angelman Syndrome, and Rett Syndrome. Both were negative but the doctor said she had phenotypic Rett Syndrome.

Still we didn’t really know.

Reading The Gazette one day, after Brooke had turned 19, we saw an article about an amazing little girl named Charlotte. I felt the first glimmer of hope that I had felt in so many years. I called our neurologist and asked him if we could test for Dravet Syndrome. He said he thought that there was a huge possibility that she could have that. The test came back positive.

Finally, we knew what went wrong with our sweet and very loving girl.

I scoured the internet until I found out how to contact the Stanley Brothers and got in contact with the Realm of Caring.
Brooke has now been on the cannabis oil for two weeks.

During a photo session with Nichole Montanez, I saw a girl that looked like she had landed on an alien planet. She actually showed fear. She was looking at everything like it was new and scary. She wasn’t panicking and running like she had been doing. She was looking at everything!! She has stopped screaming and jumping and throwing herself in a chair. She has started sleeping all night. And we’re just waiting for what she will do next…..


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