I am 14 and have dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy, commonly known as DRPLA, it is a progressive brain disorder. The Doctor’s have given me no hope in winning the fight against DRPLA. My mom won’t give up. At the very least CBD will stop my seizures and gives us hope of stopping this ugly “terminal” disease.


One thought on “REGGIE

  1. Words cannot explain my feelings for my two precious, beautiful grandchildren, Reggie and Miah. I got so excited seeing their picture on your ‘Face of Cannabis’ page! I have been sharing every article I get from Face Book with all my friends and family! It was extremely difficult and heart-wrenching to watch my daughter, Cristi, her husband and my two grandchildren pack up and move to Colorado Springs. They had been a large part of my life since their births, (living next door) I still miss them desperately, but know there was no other choice; as Cristi had already tried everything imaginable to control the seizures. I am grateful to Realm of Caring and the Stanley brothers for their tremendous contribution to the families who have fought ferociously for many years to find relief for their desperately ill children.

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