Chase man was born August 4, 2009 in perfect health. When he was exactly a month old we were stopped at a red light and rear ended by a drunk driver. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and was expected to be in the hospital for months, but our little fighter was out of PICU in a week and out of the hospital in another week. Seizures started almost right away in the hospital.

They’ve never been horrible, no tonic clonics ever, just short 5-20 second seizures at least 20 or more a day. Chase hasn’t had too much huge progress since the accident. He eventually lost his ability to eat shortly after he turned 2 and is now tube fed and has cortical vision impairment, his vision itself is good we just don’t know what he processes. Chase has very slowly started to track more and every now and then he would lock eyes with us or watch us walk into the room. He did learned how to sit up on his own, this is a huge accomplishment for us he will sit up on his knees and bounce all over the room. We’ve always had tough time calming chase. When we moved from Florida to Colorado in April we were told he has Lennox Gastaut syndrome.

He’s been on CBD oil for almost 2 weeks now, the first week was rough with withdrawals from weaning one of his meds but after the first week no more crying all day long, his eyes have actually been open and he’s been looking at everything! He keeps eye contact longer and will look at us and smile so big. His seizures have nearly stopped. Some days he has none others he has 4 but we’ve seen no more than 4 in a day so far. He doesn’t seem like he’s in a fog anymore it’s like his brain has woken up out of a sleep it was in for 4 years. I’ve NEVER seen him so focused and happy! When we talk to him he will look right at us and smile and laugh. He’s non verbal but I can hear him trying to talk kind of like baby cooing which I haven’t heard much of since he was probably 4 months old. We love that we get to see our boy grow now!


One thought on “CHASE

  1. Christina your grandfather comes in to the barber shop and talks about his grandson all the time. He was just telling us about the miracle that you are getting. Praise God you are finally seeing your baby doing things you never thought you would ever see. We are praying for y’all !!! God bless from cracker trail barbers shop!!! Ps your papa said he loves his tinker!!!

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