Bruno was born in June 2011 and had his first seizure at 3 months. He was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, intractable epilepsy , hypotonia, & dev delay. He is non verbal and doesn’t walk. He learned to sit up to play with his favorite toys but seizures, such as head drops, interfere and make him lose his balance. He has experienced all type of seizures — grand mals, absence, partials and many more. The most common ones are head drops and myoclonic jerks — up to 300 a day. Has gone thru a cocktail of drugs, including the ketogenic diet. The last option and most current med is bromide, a veterinarian drug, combined with other drugs.

We are now seeking a natural drug with no side effects, Charlottes Web, a cannabis oil low in THC and high in CBD. We just made the first move to start our process in Colorado to seek what I truly believe will save him. Little sis Angelene and mommy will relocate from Miami to save his life! I want him to be a kid and maybe hear the words mommy for the first time in his life. I’m faithful this is the answer for him.

Bruno is a loving boy with a beautiful smile and melting look that will make anyone fall in love!


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