Mabel Grace is our first baby. She was born at home on May 6, 2013. She is happy and easy going. Everybody that meets her is absolutely charmed by her sweetness. She is very hard working. All of her therapists say they love to work with her and we consistently see her progress. She is always trying her hardest to do what she is supposed to do. We are so proud of her and feel very lucky to know her.

When Mabel was 5 weeks old she had her first seizure. In the 8 months that followed she tried out 5 different pharmaceuticals that eased her seizures a bit but never made them go away completely, and always had awful side effects. We are very excited to be part of this movement for medical marijuana and we hope that by advocating for Mabel we are also advocating for so many other children that need this medicine.

We are looking forward to giving Mabel the best opportunity to thrive. We are excited to get to know her as she develops and finds herself. She has already touched so many people in her short 9 months we cannot even begin to guess what the future holds for our special girl!


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