Mikayla started having Infantile Myoclonic Spasms at 4 months, we started down the Pharma road at 8 months. We had 0 to very little success with meds so we initiated the Ketogenic Diet at 2 years. She was seizure free, med free for 1 year and then seizures broke through. We then merged back on to the Pharma road of 11 meds without attaining any semblance of seizure control. She progressively lost almost everything she had learned.

Mikayla has broke both feet and an arm thanks to seizures. She had a VNS implanted in 2010, it has helped a little. In 2012 we attempted the Ketogenic Diet once more, however this time we did not have any success at all. We heard about CW in the fall of 2013, moved out to the Springs in December and Mikayla had her first dose of CW on December 26th. What a great Christmas present – the best Christmas ever!

Mikayla has been on CW for 9 weeks, just about have her weaned off of Onfi, it is one of 3 meds she is currently taking. She is showing lots of change and signs of improvement. We look forward to what the future brings and are way more than thankful to ROC and the Stanley Family!


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