This is 2 year old Michaela.

Due to a lack of oxygen at birth, Michaela sustained brain damage. Her seizures began at 2 months old. After contracting meningitis at 9 months old, which caused more damage, her seizures got worse. Michaela spent a week in a drug-induced coma because they had to stop a seizure that lasted 8 hours. At 13 months old, she developed Infantile Spasms with hypsarrhythmia which is constant chaotic brain activity. She started the ketogenic diet and was seizure free for 5 months. She then began having 80-100 myoclonic seizures daily. After trying 7 different pharmaceutical meds, we realized we were running out of options. The pharmaceutical meds did bring them down to 30-40 a day. Though, her quality of life was compromised due to the horrible side effects of the drugs.

We moved from Illinois to Colorado nine weeks ago. On January 30th, Michaela started Charlotte’s Web. She has had a 94% reduction in seizures and we’ve been able to wean 35% of her other meds so far!

With the seizure and medicine reduction, her sweet personality is starting to shine through again!


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