Riley had his first seizure at 3 yrs old. It was a Tonic Clonic. He would continue to have a mixture of Myoclonic jerks and TCs. At 4 he was implanted with a VNS which did not improve his seizures. The following years were a nightmare of failed drugs and constant seizures.

In April of 2012 he went into Epileptic status and we placed in a coma. After a week we were airlifted to UCLA where we stayed for 2 months. Doctors could not say if he would make it. He was placed on 4 different meds that left him drooling and unable to sit up or walk well. When we were released he was still seizing and he couldn’t function well.

Over the next year there were improvements in walking and talking as I was able to slowly wean some of the dose age of the drugs, but his seizures were worsening. My sister told me about Charlotte’s web cannabis oil and we rushed to move here and try it. He has been on THCA* for a month and a half and his seizures are down by 60%. He’s having only mild ones when he does. We are grateful to God and the Stanley brothers for this miracle.

*THCA is also known as Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid or 2-COOH-THC. THCA is an active constituent of cannabis and is primarily present in fresh cannabis plants although in variable amounts. Once the cannabis plant is exposed to heat such as when smoking marijuana, THCA decarboxylates to THC. THCA remains inactive and it only becomes active when it is converted to THC upon smoking, which means that THCA is more active when one smokes cannabis than when ingests or inject cannabis. When cannabis is exposed to heat or dried, the carbon dioxide in the cannabis is released as a carbon atom in the acid, gets lost hence, converting THCA to THC that possess the psychoactive effects of cannabis.


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