When Camille had her first seizure,she was barely 4 months old and I was terrified. I had checked on her during her nap and she was blue. She was twitching and staring. I thought she was dead. My Mom and I were in a blind panic as we rushed her to the E.R, and she seized the whole way.

Camille had just had her vaccinations just 8 days prior. Dr’s could only suspect that was the key.

That day Camille seized so many times that she was put in a medically induced coma and moved to the NICU. That night my parents and I watched and prayed that Camille would be ok. I was told that Camille could go home once her medications controlled her seizures for 24 hours. That never happened. After nearly two weeks of endless needle sticks and invasive tests, we were sent home with no answers.

At our first follow up appointment with our Neurologist I was desperate for answers. Camille seized almost constantly. Her seizures were getting longer. She had lost all of the skills that she had achieved. The neurologist told my parents and I that Camille would be lucky to live to see her first birthday. And if she did, she would never do or be anything. I was shocked – and outraged!! We walked out of that office and never looked back. Within days I had Camille seen in another children’s hospital and she was diagnosed with infantile spasms.

Since this horrific journey started nearly eight years ago, Camille has had numerous hospitalizations at several different epilepsy centers. She has had countless invasive tests, tried diets, as well as tried (and failed) every medication we have attempted to use to control her seizures. That Doctor was the first, but not the last to give up on Camille.

When a family member told us about a documentary on Charlotte’s Web oil and the Stanley’s, we were desperate for ANYTHING to help Camille. We had no other options. Doctor’s and medication had failed us.

Within months, we moved to Colorado.

Through Camille’s journey, my parents and I have done all we can to make sure that Camille is as happy as she can be. We love her endlessly and though we intensely miss our home and family, I’m so grateful to be given the chance to use CW and help Camille.


4 thoughts on “CAMILLE

  1. Hopefully Camille’s (as well as other’s} will awaken the public to the great things that can be accomplished with medical marijuana!! Much ❤ To Sweet Camille!!

  2. We desperately need the laws to change here in Illinois so that my family can come home. No one can even begin to imagine what they are going through being displaced. The expense and the emotional stress are horrible for them. My sister’s family and my niece’s family have both been separated from family members due to the laws here in Illinois NOT allowing infants to be treated. It’s going to take a legislator or senator having a family member going through the same thing before they wake up and take action. Come on Illinois, CHANGE THE DAMN LAW!!!!!!

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