Our Daughter Emily had her first seizure on the day of the DTAP Vaccination at 5 months old. She’s now 10 years old and for the last 9 years she’s had thousands of seizures and has failed 13 medications at full dose and long term trial. In addition she’s also been on very strict diets and received stem cell shots and countless other alternative medications of which all have failed to control her seizures. What we got from all of the above treatments and medications has been severe negative side effects, and addiction to the pharmaceutical drugs.

These negative side effects are severe Speech regression, loss of weight and appetite, severe learning disability, social disability, behavioral delay, and physical delays and absolutely no seizure control with the drugs.

We’ve spent the last 2 years trying to wean her off of the drugs since they’re not working and causing more damage, but there’s such an addiction to the drugs that she’s having major withdrawals that include anxiety, panic, anger, migraine headaches, nausea, cramps, insomnia, to name a few.

This is our little girl we’re talking about. Imagine seeing your child go through all of these symptoms and have seizures to top them off. CAN YOU? Will you please imagine this happened to your child or loved one? Please do for a few minutes, because only then you’ll be able to hear our cry and hopefully understand what it is we’re asking of you.

About 2 years ago, I learned about Cannabidiol (CBD) oil through a Discovery channel documentary and spent over a year trying to find it in California to try it for my daughter but had little or no success. There was no stable, safe, sustainable, product in any of the collectives I walked into and I walked into almost all of them statewide. I started researching the effects and benefits and in the meantime I saw another documentary by Dr. Sanjay Gupta called WEED, on CNN and it was about a little girl named Charlotte Figi who had very successfully treated her seizures by using high CBD oil.

Emily’s now been using this high CBD oil for 8 months and is almost medication free with only one more medicine to taper off and has experienced over 50% seizure reduction and significant improvements in her development and speech and learning ability. Nothing in the last 10 years has helped her half as much as the CBD oil. Her teams of doctors are amazed with her progress and results and are collecting data for their studies and they are on board.

I have since partnered up with the Colorado nonprofit foundation called The Realm of Caring, in hopes of helping the hundreds, if not thousands, of children in California who now desperately need this CBD oil and I am challenged with finding a city or county that will allow us the rights to open a resource center and dispense this life saving oil to families. We have no other option left. Our doctors have directly and indirectly told us that they’re out of treatment options and have left us with no hope for a future for our children. The fatality rate is too high for these kids and we need to help them anyway we can.

I am a father trying to save my daughter’s life.

Respectfully, Ray Mirzabegian


6 thoughts on “EMILY

  1. Iam raising a grandson 12yrs old that i have had to watch go through the same things some days i wonder which one of us is not going to get through the day..my heart is broken in a billion pieces fr not being able to help him as he cries an begs me why want the dr’s help him or nana you sd u would get me one to help me knowing there is never going to be able to help him.how do I look him in the eyes day after day knowingits never ggoing to happen an i have let him down again. I ask myself day after day will God grant me the time on this earth to see my baby free an happy fr this monster inside his head.that is my only unanswered prayer..may the day come when i no longer have to ask God for that.. Let it be Let it be…Thank God for people like you…

  2. Very touching and I really wish you success in your path, as a mother I never can imagine the days and years you and your wife have been through. Your pages and your posts are always very informative and very little out there know about epilepsy. I wish your beautiful daughter a healthy future.

  3. Am posting a “face” an hour along with your and other parents comments to my facebook page and encouraging all my friends there to share it on their timelines … if I can help with even one of these children seeing and living a more healthy life … or if what I’m doing connects another parent who didn’t know about this to use this to seek help for his/her child … or even if I have the chance to clear some stuffy thoughts about cannabis and maybe get legislation changed faster … then I have one more reason to “feel blest.” If I am unable to make a difference, then I, at least, in my heart, have DONE THE RIGHT THING. These faces deserve our time and our help …

    Lingering Loving Laughter

    I’ll ask for what none dare to ask:
    That I can see beneath each mask,
    And touch with truth, a truth that lies within …
    I’ll pray for what none dare to pray:
    That soon there will become a day,
    When ling’ring, loving laughter can begin …
    — The Poet 2010

  4. I am glad you found the right treatment to improve your daughter’s life. I can’t experience how many of your words and experience is all too familiar for our family. I can only imagine what you may be feeling based on the countless hours and days we have spend in the hospital with our daughter watching her have seizure over seizure and to needing to put her under to give her body rest from all the seizures. On a good day (yes this is a good day), we will only see 10-15 partial seizures. It shouldn’t have to be such a fight for our families for us to get what our children deserves. Thank you for fighting for your child and many others around the world. Your daughter is beautiful and her smile is a joy to see. I pray for her continuous improvement.

  5. Wishing Emily all the best health in the world….. And you Raymond, along with your beautiful wife have been such terrific examples of parents giving unconditional love. I have seen and heard about your struggle with your child’s health for so many years and so proud of you both. You guys have always been so persistent in finding cures that I truly believe that your family will find the best cure sooner or later. I think your good energy and persistence in this battle reflects so much strength and power back to you that you should achieve any goals you have set for this mission. My prayers and love to Emily.

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