Our beloved daughter Kiana was born in November 2004. Shortly after birth, Kiana was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism and started treatment instantaneously. At four months old, Kiana startedexperiencing her first series of seizures. By the time reaching eleven months, she started battling with a grand mal seizure that landed her at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, better known as thePICU. From that point on, our lives have changed forever. Kiana was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. She has been in and out of hospital countlessly and the ensuing difficulties with her pain and suffering transcends beyond recollection of dates,times and numbers.

Throughout the past nine years, Kiana has failed more than twenty different medications and consequently, her seizures intensified in both number of instances and duration. As desperation started settling, Kiana’s neurologist opted for a drastic measure (brain surgery) aiming to remove a part of the brain that causes seizures.As she was evaluated for the surgical procedure, we commenced researching about alternative treatment options and associate therapies. After watching CNN’s special“Weed” documentary (aired originally on August 2013), we became convinced that cannabis would be a viable option to consider.

Kiana started her medical cannabis therapy as of last year and has experienced significant improvements in all aspects of her life, including substantial seizure reduction. As we approach our first anniversary on the cannabis journey, we are happy to express that our daughter is once again back into the family, happy , alert,focused and most importantly, experiencing longer seizure-free days.


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