Last year, our 4 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with generalized epilepsy. He can experience between 15 and 75 seizures a day and has 6 different seizures types. This has made all of our lives a living hell. We describe epilepsy as a ghost who lives in our house and beats up our son. We never know when or where it will strike or how severely our boy will get hurt.

Last year he was on two pharmaceutical medications. There is a less than 93% chance that any medication will stop his seizures.

We had to look for an alternative.

Within 6 weeks of starting the high CBD strain Charlotte’s Web, my son became completely seizure free. I can’t get over that part – we went from living with daily fear to living a normal life in just 6 weeks.

Without access to this medication, my child’s life is uncertain. WITH this medication, my child’s life is active, healthy and thriving. Today he is 11 weeks seizure free!! We cannot go backwards.

This medication is critical. Children’s lives depend on it. All deserve access.


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