RayAnn is 11 years old with blonde hair and striking bright blue eyes. She is diagnosed with intractable epilepsy and cerebral palsy. She had her first seizure at one day old and she has struggled with them ever since. RayAnn has been in and out of the PICU, where she is placed in a medically induced coma to stop the relentless seizures. RayAnn has tried a dozen anti-epileptic medications (many of them requiring another medication to counter act the side effects) and tried various strict diets. RayAnn was evaluated for epilepsy surgery at Miami Children’s Hospital. Her parents were told that she was not a good surgical candidate but she could try a corpus callosotomy, disconnecting the 2 sides of her brain. After reviewing the possible side effects, her parents declined. They then turned to the Vagal Nerve Stimulator, a small implantable device which sends electrical signals to the brain. However, this did not provide any significant success. RayAnn has tried various alternative therapies, such as chiropractic care, pranic healing, etc. Despite the Moseley’s and her physicians efforts, RayAnn still suffers from daily seizures.

Well the story doesn’t end there… RayAnn’s courageous journey has shed a light on the need for high CBD cannabis oil for patients like her in Florida. Governor Rick Scott signed the “Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014” into law on June 16, 2014. And one day soon RayAnn will get the opportunity to try Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil!


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