Stefan is 4 years old and started having seizures when he was 10 months old. Then came nearly 2 years of dozens of daily seizures and over a dozen medications. Nothing worked long term so we were forced to make the decision to do brain surgery.

Stefan went almost 6 months without any visible seizures. He went from a tired, sedated, flat affect to a happier, more interactive toddler. He was even blessed enough to have his first seizure free birthday!
Then the seizure monster returned. Since then we have tried more medications, a highly restrictive diet and supplements. None have stopped the seizures and many had side effects that had him feeling very sad, mad and just not himself.

Finally the doctor agreed to let us wean the harmful medications that weren’t helping him. Now Stefan continues to have daily seizures but thankfully is much happier. However as a result of these devastating seizures Stefan’s development is very delayed and he only babbles, cannot learn and advance like other children his age.

We have read amazing things about the cannabis plant and its ability to calm seizures and advance the development of kids like Stefan. We look forward to trying this medicine for our son, it is our only hope.


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