Preston’s parents waited anxiously for the arrival of their first child together, Preston was just as anxious as he arrive 3 weeks early, but no preemie size here; he weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 ozs and PERFECTLTY HEALTHY. The next six months were the most joyous months of all of their lives. Preston was always smiling, laughing and wanting to learn everything and anything.

Preston’s parents couldn’t believe some of the things he could do at such a young age! He was just AMAZING. Then a day or two after his 6 month immunizations their whole world was turned upside down. Preston’s mom saw these odd movements and had that mommy instinct right away that they were not normal. She immediately called the doctor and the doctor shrugged her concerns off….again the movements continued to occurred and mom stayed consistent…she knew that something was wrong. AGAIN, the doctor shrugged off the concerns until mom finally caught the movements on video and drove straight to the pediatrician’s office and demanded to show the video to the doctor. FINALLY, the doctor took mom seriously and sent Preston straight to the children’s hospital for testing. This was the day we would like to forget. This is the day Preston diagnosed with a devastated seizure disorder called Infantile Spasms (West Syndrome).

Nothing has been the same since then! Preston quickly started losing skills he already had and the seizures quickly became more frequent.
7 years have passed since that day and not much has changed. Preston’s parents still fight everyday for him to have a better quality of life than having seizures every single day. He was on ACTH for 8 weeks that was the most miserable 8 weeks for the whole family and the side effects of these injections were just devastating. He has tried 12 different anti-seizure medications which have done nothing but add more devastating side effects to his poor little body. He also went on a strict medical diet shown to help some with seizures but again Preston failed this diet and had nothing but gastrointestinal side effects. Preston also had a surgery to implant a Vagus Nerve Stimulator but again not something that has been a success for him.
Preston’s parents try not to give up hope and continue to do everything in their power to help their sweet boy. They have traveled all over the United States to world renowned neurologists hoping for ANYTHING to help Preston.

The only thing left to try, that Preston’s parents know will help him, is cannabis! Why should this sweet boy be denied this medicine, but it’s ok to put a bunch of chemicals in his body through pharmaceuticals. Preston needs this medicine! His parents need him to have this medicine, so they don’t have to continue to watch their super hero seize everyday and deal with horrific medicine side effects every day.
Preston despite all of these challenges and all he has done through he still smiles and that smile will just melt your heart. His hugs are quite spectacular too! Hopefully soon we can see so much more from Preston…we have HOPE!


One thought on “PRESTON

  1. ” Then a day or two after his 6 month immunizations their whole world was turned upside down. ”

    What have immunizations got to do with the story? I want to share your story but cannot if you go down that path.

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