My name is Enrique Bernal. I’m 5 years old and suffer from brain damage and am epileptic. I can’t walk, talk, have poor vision and I eat through a g-tube, I have too many seizures, I try different medicines but nothing is working, I have two types of seizures. My Hope and my last option is cannabis oil. I want to live and be a normal child

It all started when I was 1 year and 10 months old. I swallowed a piece of a balloon and suffocated. I was transferred by ambulance to Morton Plant Hospital. I was there for 3 hours with oxygen, but they didn’t have the correct ventilator that I needed so then I was transferred to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. I was not rushed and when I arrived to All Children’s the physician told my parents that I wasn’t on the right tubing in the ambulance and was in critical condition. It had been 5 hours since my accident. I was hospitalized for 1 month. During my stay I had surgery on my lungs to remove accumulated liquids. Due to this accident I cannot walk, crawl, sit unassisted, play, talk and have very poor vision. I cannot eat, I have an implanted g-tube. Can you imagine? I used to crawl, walk, play, run, jump, eat and had already started speaking my first words until that one day. Even though this happened to me I still want to try, I have motivation and want to play with my sister and vacation with my parents. I need your help. I receive 2 hours of physical therapy per week, 3 hours of occupational therapy per week and 3 hours of speech therapy per week. On top of that I also receive 1 hour of early intervention per week. My therapist helps me focus on toys, lights and different things to help my vision. Since I have brain damage it is difficult, but my parents, family, friends and therapists don’t lose hope and neither do I.


One thought on “ENRIQUE

  1. I cried reading Enrique’s story! What a horrible thing to have to endure, not only for him, but also his family! I have 2 small boys and another who passed away at 8 months old from spinal muscular atrophy type1 so I understand the hardships you must be going through. Stay strong and love deeply!!
    My family and I will keep you in our prayers!

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