Travis has an incredible will to live life to the fullest in spite of his seizure disorder, cerebral palsy, common immune disorder and visual impairment. His smile and sweet massages let you know that even the nastiest seizures and the strongest seizure medications that sedate him and dim his personality may slow him down but they cannot stop his love.

At what should be the prime of his life, at the age of 21 Travis was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) is a are and debilitating form of childhood-onset epilepsy. LGS is characterized by a triad of signs including multiple seizure types, moderate to severe cognitive impairment, and an abnormal EEG with slow spike- wave complexes.LGS is intractable form of epilepsy which means that pharmaceuticals cannot cure the seizure activity.

Last year a Vegas Nerve Stimulator VNS was implanted and it is a comfort to be able to stop and limit a seizure with a swipe of the magnet.

Travis’ experience with pharmaceuticals for seizure is that they may work for a while and once his body becomes used to the medications, the seizure activity changes. In researching solutions for seizures, his family found that some medications may actually cause the seizures to relocate in the brain, even the neurologists do not fully understand how the seizure medications work! Travis has received and benefitted from cranial sacral therapy, chiropractic care, massage and energy work, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and nutritional therapies as well as more traditional western medicine PT, OT and medications.

Travis’ family feels that the study of the human endocannabinoid system and non toxic medical cannabis offers the most hope for Travis to be himself and help him live a healthy quality life.


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