Lucie is 29 years old and lives in Florida — originally from the north of England. She had her first seizure at 4 months old, 2 weeks after her immunizations. The doctors thought I was a neurotic mother! Eventually at 13 months she was diagnosed as epileptic but no amount of RX meds could get her seizures under control, she was having them every 30 minutes. After many tests she was diagnosed with LGS.

She is a beautiful child with a lovely disposition and is very social. We take her everywhere with us and when she is not, we get asked all the time where she is and is she okay?

She loves to travel and has been to many countries all over the world. We try hard to give her a normal life, although sometimes it gets tough!

Positivity is our motto!

I am positive Medical Marijuana will help her future! She comes from a very large family and loves to get together with them all when we visit England and she can party with the best of us!


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