Kimmie was born in May 1998. She was a beautiful healthy baby. From the beginning Kimmie had a mind of her own. Two and a half short weeks later Kimmie had her first seizure. Six months later she started having seizures regularly. Her seizures started with tonic clonic (grand mal) seizures and they lasted an abnormally amount of time (5 minutes to 90 minutes). Between hospital trips we spent a lot of our time relearning basic developmental skills. At five years old Kimmie had what some call a catastrophic seizure. She started seizing and we took her to the hospital. She ended up seizing for 6 hours straight. We are very blessed that Kimmie came back to us and that despite all of her setbacks we have our beautiful girl. Officially Kimmie was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome in August 2008. The prolonged seizure started our out of state doctor journey. We at first traveled to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. We have also traveled to Chicago and Connecticut to see doctors.

Kimmie loves anything princess and like most regular girls these days is obsessed with Frozen. I believe that the moment she was born she wanted to be a princess. She makes friends easily and loves to be around people. Do to the doctors not knowing how long Kimmie would live she was granted her Make A Wish through the MAW Utah Foundation to go meet Buddy the Cake Boss. It was an adventure of a life time and more than she could have dreamed.

Kimmie is currently on the Epidiolex (the pharma version of CBD) study. Her seizures are down by about 70%. She is learning new things every day. She isn’t having to have nap times at school anymore and learning so much that would take years in just the short few weeks that she has been on CBD. Kimmie is an advocate for epilepsy awareness. She has spoken to Governor Herbert, Senator Hatch, Representative Chaffetz, and many others about the importance of epilepsy. The thing that she wants everyone to know is that she has seizures but it doesn’t stop her from loving everyone.


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