Leah is three years old and is currently undiagnosed. Leah was such a sweet newborn baby. She ate and slept well. She had such a sweet spirit and brought so much joy to our family. Leah grew well and began to smile and giggle. Then one-day life began to change.

At 5 months, Leah began to have multiple Tonic-Clonic seizures every day. She lost all of her motor skills and all socialization. Soon after, she lost her ability to eat. She has been on multiple medications. None of them have worked. All of them have had bad side effects. In fact, one of them caused her to be flown by life flight and almost cost her life.

Leah has very beautiful eyes. She communicates through them. One of her therapists always says that she is a Princess locked in a tower. Leah is a fighter. Her spirit affects everyone that comes in contact with her.


One thought on “LEAH

  1. Leah sounds a lot like my 16 month old son. He began having tonic clinic seizures at 2 months but was developing and learning to do things. At 13 months, he was smiling, babbling, cooing and playing with toys but suddenly one day everything changed and he lost every ability he had. He is now a lifeless body. We had to get a feeding tube placed because he lost his ability to eat and drink as well. I would like to talk to Leah’s mother because their cases sound so similar. Please have her to email me if you would. Thankyou.

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