Always offering a big grin is our 9-year-old Cutler. He loves his little sister and two brother’s, enjoys school, loves animals and melts the hearts of those around him. Cutler loves teasing his mom and dad, and in truth, would probably rather live with his grandma! Cutler has a tender heart and sweet spirit, everyone that meets him says so too. We feel so blessed to have him in our lives!

Cutler was diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Malformation pre-birth. The prognosis was not good. The doctor told my husband and I that our baby would likely not talk, play or go to school. As Cutler grew and developed his progress was certainly well behind others of his own age but he taught us he could talk, play and was going to go to school. Despite that, we still knew his trials in life would be many and difficult. The seizures was a rude awaking of just how difficult.

Cutler was later diagnosed with Cortical Dysplasia with seizures being one of the main effects. By the age of two he was seizing every time he woke up from sleep or if he was very tired. There are times My husband and I constantly fear and worry how Cutler will survive himself without effective relief available to him.

Cutler has now tried 8 different seizure medications and combination of medications. He has underwent surgery and has a Vegas Nerve Stimulator implanted which is also of no help to him. Everything we have tried for Cutler has brought NO relief but has many unintended consequences.

We were instantly interested in trying Cannabis Oil from the moment we learned about it. We were so thrilled to discover families were actually finding relief for their children. Cutler is currently and luckily taking part of a study for Cannabis Oil called Epidiolex. He is still continuing to have seizures but so far we’ve noticed a big difference in the length of which the episodes last, they have greatly shortened. Also, Cutler’s energy level and awareness has increased noticeably. This is all wonderful and great relief for Cutler!

We will continue to progress towards and fully support Cannabis Oil. We hope all will gain an opportunity to try it, as they rightfully should. We are extremely grateful to all those who help in this effort!


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