On Dec 29, 2001 at 5:59pm our first born came into this world a handsome little boy who weighted 6lbs 09oz & 19 ¾ in long, who we named Jerry R Bausch Jr (JJ), after his daddy. JJ is a direct descendant of the Northern Ute Tribe of the Uintah & Ouray Reservation in Fort Duchesne UT, he is the oldest of our 3 kids. But at about 2 months old my perfect baby boy was being fussy and none stop crying he was sleeping a lot and when up he was miserable, which we reside in a rural area and Doctors kept telling me I was a new over protected mother, as we looked for answers we watched our happy baby disappear and his learning too, finally there was no denying something was wrong! When JJ was 5 months we were diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. Since then JJ has tried all of the pharmaceuticals medicines and diets to VNS placement to treat his form of seizures, all it does is slow down the seizures but creates more clusters frequently, in the end we have a list of disorders he doesn’t have, which is good, but this year we were told there is really nothing else they can do!! JJ is a very loving and happy boy even though he suffers on a daily basis. JJ’s uncle Skyler who was 17 years old passed away in an accident not too long ago, and he called JJ his savior, for if JJ could be happy through everything he endures on a daily basis so could he, my brothers wish was to see his nephew not in pain, and we will never give up on you JJ, I my brother is watching over you. JJ’s grandma Madeline had passed away due to a seizure in front of her children, so living on the edge everyday hoping he makes it through the seizures, and there nothing you can do but pray to the creator not to take your baby is horrible feeling, we just want to give him every opportunity to live and that is why we are wanting to try the CBD Oil without all the negative side effects pharmaceutical medicines do to his body.


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