Evan Lamm, is 10 years old. My beautiful boy has suffered with seizures since the age of 2 months and now has a Lennox Gastaut diagnosis. LGS kids generally don’t have a great prognosis, but it can include developmental delay and uncontrolled seizures, irritability, and related complications and according to the LGS Foundation “freedom of seizures and normal development, is unusual for a child with LGS.”

2014 is when Evan started having several grand mal seizures per night in which he would quit breathing. Hence our move from NC to CO to save his life. A group of musicians led by Tim Noonan, called The Regulars held a benefit to help us get here and Mulligans Fore Children, family and friends helped too.

We packed our life in to a 14 ft truck and off we went. We don’t listen to statistics and what the LGS foundation says will happen though. We know that we are unlocking new layers of our child each day. He is now off all pharmas and seeing at least 75% less seizures than he ever did on any combination of AEDs. On pharmas, Evan slept so much and was in such a fog, that it is so nice to have him awake and smiling. Our hope is that he will be able to learn to communicate he needs, wants, and dreams to us and the world.

We are ever so thankful for cannabis and those that helped us save our son’s life.


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