Jessie is the light of our family. She was born healthy and happy, the perfect baby. At nine months she had her first seizure in the bathtub. They continued and she was put on medication around 1 year. She developed normally until she was 3 and then the seizures took that from her. Her development stopped and started to decline. We traveled out of state for consultations with the best doctors and surgeons, but got no real answers for her. She continued to have seizures and was finally diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome at 7 ½ years old. Now at 14, Jessie has been on 17 different seizure drugs as well as the Ketogenic Diet and many other non-traditional therapies. The medications make her tired and irritable.

Jessie loves to color and paint, do puzzles and matching games, bake cookies and brownies, play at the park, go swimming and watch videos. She loves her brother Matthew and her Grandpa. She has two golden retrievers namedShadow and Pillar and she loves to be with them as much as possible. They are very patient and gentle and allow her to lay all over them. Jessie loves her friends from school and always wants to go play at their houses. She is a pro at the iPad and can learn things on it we haven’t been able to teach her through traditional methods at school. We love having her in our family.

We hope the Cannabis will be able to offer her relief from her seizures as well as allow her to come off some of the other medications. We also hope it will bring back some of her cognitive function and give her a better quality of life,and we are starting to see it.

Update: Jessie was accepted into a study for Epidiolex (the pharma version of Cannabis) and she has been much happier since starting it two months ago. We have also seen her be more alert and aware and she is learning new things every day.


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