Wyatt ‘tiny bear’ is 8 years old and was born on December 17th, 2006. Wyatt is a VERY energetic 8 year old. He didn’t start talking until he was almost 5 years old and now he speaks with expression and passion, loves to share with anyone his stories. He would talk for hours if allowed to. Making up for lost time I suppose. His strengths and passions are reading, building, outdoor adventures, trampoline, and his swing, playing in the mud, and helping us with yard work. Wyatt loves ALL living things. He has a Guinea Pig named Tom, African Dwarf Frogs, and two snails and loves to have one way conversations with the deer that visit our yard. He helps his dad feed the squirrels and loves to research his Colorado Bird book to see what birds enter our yard. He has to have stuffed animals around him all the time. One time he broke down crying asking his dad ‘if there was a fire, would I be able to save my stuffies?’ And then he cried after we told him we would save him first.

We are concerned for Wyatt’s self-esteem and self-confidence. One negative comment from a peer or an adult will set him off. Wyatt looks at rules as black and white, no gray area, no room for flexibility. Therefore in social settings where there is an activity with many peers he gets frustrated that they are not following his rules. He does not understand the social complexity of social relationships. Initiating work of any kind is Wyatt’s greatest struggle whether it is at home or at school. At home we encourage Wyatt with many prompts to accomplish non-preferred activities such as getting dressed, all ADL, eating dinner, bath time, going to bed (he takes melatonin to sleep and often wakes up several times in the night), leaving to go to school and even activities he loves to attend.

Wyatt was a very good baby, loved to be snuggled in his blanket and always happy and calm. He walked at 10 months, loved cuddles, always smiled, slept through the night, was saying 2 to 3 word sentences and was developing at or above his age level and almost potty trained.

Then it happened…I took him for his 2 year vaccinations and his life changed, our lives changed. He got a terrible rash on his leg where he was vaccinated, he started biting himself, his brother, me, kicking me, pulling curtains down, destroying the house, elopements, smearing poop everywhere, banging his head on the floor, stopped sleeping through the night (he would get up at least 85 times after bed time sometimes all night up and down crying), refused to eat, stopped talking, and was constantly sick. I couldn’t keep him in a car seat, he’d get out and jump around, smear poop or throw his pull up and beat up his brother while I was driving. He would stop and stare when he had a rage so we took him to get a CT scan and nothing showed. The Doctor prescribed more antibiotics. Wyatt’s sudden change in behavior was a huge concern for us but the Doctor just said it was the terrible two’s. Had I known what I know now I would have fired the Doctor.

When Wyatt was 2 years and 3 months, February 24th, 2009, we took him with us to his older brother’s ADOS (autism testing) appointment with a Behavioral Psychologist. Jim was on his 2 week leave from Afghanistan. The Doctor told us that we needed to get Wyatt tested as well for autism. We were shocked!!!! In June of 2009, I called Jim in Afghanistan to tell him Wyatt had autism and hypertonia. Just 3 months prior to that I called him in Afghanistan to tell him that Jesse had autism. It was surreal.

After that, Wyatt was diagnosed with Asthma in the fall of 2009 and we started asthma breathing treatments, more antibiotics…and continued vaccinations. He was always sick. Nothing worked! The therapy helped a bit but I didn’t know what to do. Jim came home and we moved to Georgia for 6 months, things kind of improved but he would get these mystery rashes, the rages continued and his development was regressing. The Doctor in Georgia suggested we put him on Risperdone but we said we’d think about it.
In July of 2010, we moved to Colorado. I had no idea this move would help our Wyatt in so many ways. Once again, Wyatt’s new Behavior Pediatric Doctor wanted to prescribe Risperdone after 2 hours of observing him only. I fired him!

In December of 2010, after being diagnosed with strep in his knee the Doctor prescribed Sulfa and Cephalexin. Seven days after taking the antibiotics, Wyatt developed a rash quickly, he got a fever and within seconds he had a life threatening grand mal seizure. Paramedics came and weren’t able to revive him so they called Life Flight to transport him to Children’s Hospital in Denver. As the team showed up, Wyatt took the most amazing breath!
Since then Wyatt has had 4 EEGs (one 24 hour) and all indicated lack of blood flow in the frontal lobe or ‘abnormal brain activity’ and some Doctors say that indicates ADHD in the severe form. Wyatt’s most current MRI showed encephalopathy in his cerebellum.
In August of 2011, we decided to go the Biomedical route and Wyatt started seeing an MD Naturalist Doctor who practices ‘DAN’ (defeat autism now) protocol. Wyatt is now taking 14 supplements and his diet consists of organic only, gluten free, soy free, diary free, dye free, no HFCS and he has an intolerance to 80 different foods, spices, meats which can cause serious health issues and extreme behaviors. This has helped Wyatt a lot. A 2014 Organic Acids Test indicated high levels of Serotonin in Wyatt’s brain. These levels should have tapered off by the age of 6 and if it continues to increase Wyatt could get daily seizures.

We have chosen to stop all vaccinations. If Wyatt gets a cold, we go into panic mode because he is still immune compromised by years of medications, environmental factors, GMO’s and vaccinations. He is at high risk to have a febrile seizure that could end his life. Recently, he had a terrible reaction to Azithromycin because he got strep again. He almost was suspended from school and he got voided incontinence after being potty trained for 3 years. We continue to pursue alternative methods to help Wyatt and the revolving door of Doctors and therapy still continues.

Wyatt’s brother Jesse has been taking medical cannabis, Charlotte’s Web, from the Realm of Caring since December of 2013 and he is 95% seizure free and not only that this AMAZING PLANT has improved his autism and improved his immune system! So, we decided to put Wyatt on the wait list for Charlotte’s Web in the hopes that it too will heal our Wyatt’s compromised immune system, his autism and relieve him of ever being faced with having another life threatening seizure.

Wyatt has hopes of being an Army Ranger and I hope that this next step in our journey with medical cannabis will help him heal and all his dreams and hopes can come true. He deserves it like so many other children and adults who struggle every day with seizures, autism, comorbid conditions, cancer..the list goes on.

Another wish is for all of us to continue to advocate removing cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the most tightly restricted category reserved for drugs which have “no currently accepted medical use”. With Faces of Cannabis this helps our advocacy in so many ways! This AMAZING plant is healing our children, and so many others.


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