This is Stockton May. He’s thirteen years old and lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with his mom, dad, brother and sister.

Stockton’s seizures began when he was six months old. Aside from hundreds of unexplained seizures, he was a very healthy and unusually happy baby boy until his development began to delay at around 14 months. He was finally diagnosed with Dravet syndrome at age three. Today he battles between five and40 convulsive seizures every day; and every 1-2 days he requires rescue medication to stop status episodes, some reaching hours long. Daily he suffers through dozens of small 1-2 second seizures.

Although physically thirteen, developmentally Stockton is approximately three years old. He has difficulty walking, is tube-fed, is not toilet trained, has sleep disorder and only speaks in one- to two-word phrases that are difficult to understand.

Stockton has tried over 25 different treatments, including prescription medications, diets, supplements, imported drugs and alternative therapies. Only two treatments have helped significantly, but only for a period of time. At this point, the only options left offer limited possibility for success and hold risk for severe side effects. For Stockton and his family, cannabis oil offers hope.

Stockton loves to shoot hoops. The Make-A-Wish Foundation built him a safe basketball court behind his house. He used to love to play on his court, but now he is too unstable to shoot hoops outside; he seizes nearly every time he tries. His life would be so much happier and more fulfilling if he could play at a park,throw rocks into the river, and shoot hoops on his basketball court. Until then, Stockton will continue to live most of his life at home on the couch watching episodes of Dora and Blues Clues…..and smiling his brave smile.


One thought on “STOCKTON

  1. I wish God could lay his hand on this young mans head and make all the pain and agony go away. Pray for a miracle.

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