One year ago Jaxs joined the Face of Cannabis and resided in New Jersey. He fought for his life everyday as a NJ MMJ Patient. In the months following, he was challenged with obtained the right cannabis medication in the right form, quantity, and dosing. He continued to wean from the pharmaceuticals under doctor supervision with great success.

Today he has relocated to Colorado where he struggles to re-establish his medical, educational, social, therapies, and other needs. It is not easy to relocate and move your entire life. It is not easy to start over when your world is so complex already. However, Jaxs continues to struggle every day and thrive on cannabis. He is off klonopin, onfi, phenobarbital, Depakote, stiripentol, keto diet with the many supplements, and 90% of the banzel and keppra. He was taking 42 pills per day in November 2012. Today he takes only 2 pills per day. Jaxs is amazing and is a fighter. He loves life and will thrive In Colorado.

Like many children and families…. He should not have had to leave a medicinal cannabis state (New Jersey) for another medicinal state for a medication. He should have had access to the same cannabis medication in New Jersey and any other zip code. This time next year he will have grown more and healed even more with cannabis.


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