Hunter started showing signs of intractable epilepsy at 4 months old. We went through a dozen treatments to control his seizures, including harsh FDA-approved pharmaceuticals that didn’t help and often harmed him.

We moved to Colorado in 2013 and have had him on cannabis oil since then. His seizure activity is 75% decreased since starting the oil and his teachers are reporting improvements in cognition, attentiveness, and tolerance of movement.

Before he was on cannabis oil, his school would call EMS numerous times each school year. Since starting the oil, there’s never been a seizure over 5 minutes, so no school calls to EMS! He still has seizures and some days are better than others, but we can confidently say his worst days now are way better than his worst days prior to cannabis oil.

Quality of life is much improved for him and the whole family. We’re very thankful to have a natural and safer option for our son and we’re anxious for other kids like him to have the same treatment choice!


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