“It doesn’t work” they say. “It’s placebo effect” they say. Hmmm… Because of Charlotte’s Web, Caden isn’t “high” anymore. Let me repeat that. My child is sober for the first time in 11 years because of a high CBD low THC form of WEED! (different kids need different meds. Just like different kids need pharma combinations)

He’s gone from an average of approximately 2 to 25 tonic clonic seizures and up into the hundreds myoclonic seizures a day, every day, to experiencing completely seizure free days!

Caden is not cured. I want to be clear, we have found a very valuable treatment for him! We are experiencing an up to 90% reduction in his seizures. He has gone from seizing all day, every day, to just ~having seizures.~ which is a much different world. He has gained many things cognitively in the last year that would seem simple to some, but he couldn’t have landed on the moon and it be more important to us.

Most importantly, I was watching my little boy dwindling away seizure by seizure. I know that I can still lose him in an instant with one seizure. But before, watching him just waste away from his body being being betrayed by it’s own self! I fought, he fought, we fought, but seizures are just so violent, so brutal. I’m glad to say that since we started Caden has also gone from 52 lbs to 72 lbs in 1 year.

I think, mostly, what we all seek is our purpose. I can tell you this little boy’s life is not in vain. It used to haunt me to think all of the suffering he did and there would be much of never be anything for him because he couldn’t get a break from seizures and medication. He’s getting to experience life now. Sure it’s a challenged life but it’s something! And we’ll take it with gratitude. He has sweet friends. He’s helped inspire a movement. This kid rocks! Love y’all ~K

Still work to be done!

One year on Charlotte’s Web…


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