Andrew Ablondi will be sixteen on July 30th. Andrew is our first born. We eagerly awaited his birth, and prepared for him with all that we had. He was born full term, but he was battered and bruised from a long drawn out birth. Out of nowhere Andrew turned blue the morning of his second day of life, right there in my arms. We quickly realized our perfect baby was in distress. We were so scared. Andrew spent fourteen days in the NICU of our local hospital. In the NICU he was the big, plump healthy baby who could drink from a bottle. The doctors told us Andrew’s brain bled in several places and that they didn’t know why. They said that when Andrew was at his high school graduation we would look back on this terrifying time in the NICU, and we would laugh.

Over Andrew’s first few months of life it became clear that Andrew was delayed in his development. He was not meeting his developmental milestones. That was worry enough for us. We had no idea what was to come. Andrew had a seizure exactly at exactly one year of his life, on his first birthday. We witnessed in pure heartbreak his little body jerking forward in a rhythmic pattern for over twenty minutes. His eyes were not focused and he was clearly in another place. Andrew was diagnosed with a catastrophic form of Epilepsy; Infantile Spasms. Our journey to help Andrew began with countless medicines, diets, supplements and therapies to try in any way we could to give our son seizure relief and to further his development in any way we could.

To this day with all that we have, we are seeking seizure relief for Andrew who has now been diagnosed with the even more devastating Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. He seizes 5-10 times every single day. The seizures interfere with every part of his life, and ours. Even through these seizures and the tough medicines Andrew is sweet, easy going and our joy. He is the protector of his three younger sisters. He has a passion for potato chips, chocolate and James Taylor. We are desperate to help our son, as any parent would be. We are eagerly awaiting the chance to safely try medical cannabis.


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