Addyson was born on June 16, 2011. She was absolutely beautiful and such a joy to our entire family. Addyson developed normally up to the age of 9 months. We began to notice a slight head drop. It lasted only a few seconds, and it never seemed to bother her. Addyson’s pediatrician did not seem concerned. She thought it was just a “tic”, and she would grow out of. Addyson started walking late at around 14 months, and she rarely talked when she did it was just “dada”. Everything she pointed at she called dada. At 14months, her head drops had increased to arms and leg jerking. . Her episodes were occurring more frequently; occurring multiple times a day. She would lose all muscle tone and completely drop to the floor. We got in to see a Neurologist and scheduled her EEG study to be done immediately. The results shook us beyond belief. She was found to have over 40 independent seizures, in 55minutes. She was having over 1,000 seizures daily, Addyson was diagnosed with Severe Intractable Myoclonic Epilepsy. Our world felt like it had come to a stop, every vision a parent has for their child was now unknown. We were heartbroken. Since her diagnosis, she has tried over 10 different medicines all of which have failed to control her seizures. We watched our sweet, loving child have some of the toughest side effects from her medications, she would pull her hair, hit her head into the walls and bite herself. There was nothing any of us could do except sit back and watch our daughter be miserable and all thanks to the medications her doctor recommended. We felt hopeless.

After researching natural remedies that could help with seizures, we ran across Medical Marijuana helping control, and in some cases actually stop children from seizing. Without life threatening side effects. We felt strongly in our hearts this is what we HAD to do for our child. The biggest roadblock for us was the state in which we lived, Ohio, didn’t allow my child access to this plant based medication. My family was forced to leave behind everything and everyone we have ever known to save our child’s life. While this seems like a “no brainer” it was the most difficult decision we have ever had to make.

When we arrived to Colorado Addyson had already tried two different CBD oils without success and the third oil which included THC once we arrived in Colorado. Her little body wasn’t reacting to the CBD oil as we had envisioned. We were now counting her seizures with a device and she was having over 100 visible seizures in one day. We decided to try the next option which was to remove her from all CBD oil and begin THCA, in the form of a patch. Once we placed this patch on Addyson, within 6 hours we noticed an indescribable difference in her cognitive behavior and noticed the frequency of her seizures decreasing. Now only a few months into her treatment in Colorado we are counting less than 20 seizures a day. This plant has saved my child’s life. She is now walking better, talking better and acting like a child! Her personality is coming out in full force and it is truly a gift to watch this unfold! With the endless options that we have here in our new “home” state the next chapters in her life are no longer feared and stress filled but exciting to see where this beautiful Colorado road takes us!

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