At age 3 Charlie was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. It took 4 years, 17 different medications, and several trips to local emergency rooms, DC Children’s Hospital, Richmond’s Medical College of VA and a trip to the Cleveland Clinic to determine that Charlie suffers with Doose Syndrome. Doose is a type of epilepsy known to be resistant to many drug therapies. It leaves those with this condition having to manage a cocktail of medications.In Charlie’s case he must also follow a strict diet that is known to alleviate some types of seizures. Unfortunately, this is still not enough to control the 75-100 seizures that Charlie has daily.
He has not had one seizure free day in 7 years, not one.

Charlie is currently a fourth grader in a special education program. As a protective measure he wears a hockey helmet to school every day. This ensures his safety should he have one of his many atonic seizures, which causes him to collapse. He is a very bright, sweet, talkative and happy 10 year old, but his seizure activity has severely delayed his learning.

People, like Charlie, who are living with Doose and other drug resistant epilepsies, are in a desperate search for seizure control. CBD can help; in fact CBD is helping many already!

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