The Face of Cannabis project is simple. There are hundreds of kids benefiting from the medicinal properties of marijuana. I am the aunt of a little girl with Dravet Syndrome. Her quality of life could be greatly improved by using MMJ to control her seizures. I want the world to think of her and hundreds of others like her when they hear the words “medical marijuana.” It can, and is, saving lives of children. If you’ve never loved a child with a devastating illness, this is not something you’ve probably considered. Unfortunately, many don’t have that luxury.

My goal is to open eyes in an attempt to change hearts, minds and possibly legislation. Dozens of families have left their homes permanently and moved to Colorado after watching the CNN documentary “WEED” by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Colorado has the strain of cannabis their children need. These families have become medical refugees in their own country. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could access the same medicine in their own states? Their home. With their families.

Others choose to stay in their home state and fight for change. They can’t do it alone. Please view with an open mind.

A column about the project http://www.csindy.com/coloradosprings/changing-the-face-of-cannabis/Content?oid=2791418

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  1. I believe in your cause , as i know 100% it works , i use myself for ADHD , asperges and insomnia also helps abit for ezcema.
    However my issue is to those who don’t believe much of this need to see facts , the news bit is good
    but try get some medical facts down we want this legal, so the more we give the higher chance this will happen
    another way to look about it is compare the cons and pros’ of cannabis compared to legal ‘medicine’ drugs
    for example being illegal i used amitriptyline as a sleeping tablet as cannabis is too pricey to do so and obviously not legal.
    my sleeping tablets the book inside says – can cause things up to a coma yes its rare but it can happen
    cannabis is the safter option between a lot of things and this point needs to be made! if i had my choice and cash i’d be using cannabis not amitriptyline
    another example Ritalin for adhd- can cause brain swelling , depression , suicide or heart problems 11 people have been recorded dead from this. This drug didn’t even help it made me pretty much depressed no other drug has done anything for me
    cannabis – dry mouth , depending on the strain sleepyness which can be handy for insomnia but not good for day time so you go for a different strain which gives you a creative high which helps adhd/asperges from concentration, creativity , agitation, less easily distracted , anxiety
    on the VERY rare occasion using a HIGH thc can cause schizophrenia but remember every one out there already has a 1% chance without smoking/drugs etcetc and also tramas can cause this
    from what i’ve read CBD cannabis can help towards schizophrenia
    getting these types of facts is what will draw people to understand and listen

  2. WONDERFUL PICTURES! People need to see and comprehend ALL THE CHILDREN IT IS SAVING! If nothing else get’s grasped of this issue for the masses…let them see, it isn’t about stopping people from getting HIGH…it’s about bringing relief AND CONTROL into the lives of these families. How can people deny the proof? We won’t win the legalization laws, until we change the perception of the brainwashed majority…and all the other points won’t be as effective as these precious kids. Thank you for sharing, as now, I have too. 🙂

  3. My friend, Maria la France is making a similar plea on behalf of her son, Quincy. Their family lives in Iowa.

    Here is a video she made about what they are facing:

    Here is a petition she started trying to get the Obama Administration to reclassify medical marijuana as a Section II drug, so physicians can prescribe it.


    Feel free to sign the petition & share it with those in your network. Thanks for your heroic efforts. Best wishes for you, your niece, and all those fighting this battle.


  4. This is a wonderful project. Thank you for what you are doing here.

    For the last 7 1/2 years, I have been traveling the country, interviewing patients with a wide range of autoimmune illnesses and injuries who find benefit from cannabinoid therapy. To date, I have conducted over 200 interviews. You can find over 160 on my Youtube channel ( http://cannabispatientnetwork.org ).
    My interviews have span Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Lou Gerhrig’s Disease, Hepatitis C, many mental issues, brain cancer, acoustic neuroma, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, skin cancer, terminal melanoma and many others, but most certainly not the least, is seizure disorder.

    I too suffer seizures apart from cannabis. I have been a patient for over 16 years.

    This past year, we moved our organization, Cannabis Patient Network from St. Louis to the Denver area. Here we have expanded and we are now a membership organization with membership in all 50 states and a number of other countries.

    I continue to look for interviews of all kinds, but I am particularly looking for parents that are willing to talk about their experience before my cameras.
    My organization is non-profit. I don’t pay for the interviews that I conduct. They are published freely and have been used all over the world and in documentaries. Their purpose if for education.

    Please share my websites and email addresses with the patients and parents you encounter.

    Together, we can ease the suffering. Thank you.


    Mark Pedersen
    CPN Institute

  5. I tried to get into the petition for the white house and share on other sites. I cant find it- it only goes to the home page and it is not on the list of petitions. Help?

  6. How thankful I am to have normal children….. please allow Marijuana to be used for those that suffer and need this
    particular drug to bring them into a different category of living….. what a relief all round to know that there are those
    who care and to have young people respond in a positive way.

  7. My husband and I are on a new Journey with medical marijuana, and would love to share our story. We live in Rhode Island, where medical marijuana is legal. Our child is 32,we started in January 2014 and she has a whole new life. I would like to talk to other parent. I know my child is 32,but she still our child who has struggled until now,where she is smiling laughing, and happy again.

  8. There is a CBD Oil made from Hemp that is legal in all 50 States. Has anyone had any success with this form or CBD Oil?
    If it works, many families would not have to move to get relief for their children. Try YourCBDSource.com for information.

  9. I am “on the spectrum” and do not consider myself as being anywhere close to “neuro-typical” (ADHD, OCD, Tics). I self medicated in my younger (un-diagnosed) years as a teenager and young adult by using cannabis sativa (pot-smoking).

    Ever since being diagnosed in my late thirties, I have tried every legal drug that the psychiatrists think will help my symptoms, (Nervous Disorder NOS) but nothing seems to work for my OCD. My ADHD is controlled by stimulant medication.

    Since I stopped smoking mary jane thirty years ago I have continued to struggle through life on the legal side of the pharmacopoeia thinking that one day I will finally hit upon the right combination of SSRI’s and mood stabilizers that will act upon me like I remember the sense of great internal relief that I got when I smoked dope.

    The only other “drug” I have found that comes close to the anxiety relieving potential of marijuana are my own endorphin’s released through self-stimulation, or excessive (obsessive) exercise regimen. These endorphin effects are way too short lived to be effective at providing any kind of sustainable long term relief. Once the initial feel-good CNS “high” wears off, its like my body shuts down, torpor like, (which feels good in a way, since I am “comfortably numb” and free of anxiety for a while longer, that is until the anxiety slowly builds up again to the point where I desire to repeat the entire cycle once again to gain my freedom from self.

    I find it unbelievable that drug manufacturers cannot synthesize a prescription drug formulation that provides all the same benefits I got from pot smoking but without all the negative “illegal” stigma attached to a schedule 1 drug which marijuana is (to the Federales at least).

    I am too old to go back to breaking the law in order to “feel good”. I have resigned myself to just suffer through life as it is, taking one prescription drug after another hoping to find a miracle cure, one that works for me. I get so tired of hearing about others who take zoloft, or paxil or gabapentin or whatever and say they “feel great”! I have been searching for a legal way to feel good for 20 years now and I am still looking. Booze makes me sick to my stomach.

    I sure wish I had access to medical marijuana.


  10. Im from Wichita Kansas and my son has stage 4 brain and lung cancer,I wish they would legalize medical marijuana,I think I will be taking him to colarado soon .his pulse was 125 the other day at the dr’s.and they said it was from a low grade temp!!!I’ve checked it everyday after the antibiotic and its up and down all the time .today it was 113 he’s fatiqued all the time .I’m a mother on ss and he gets a little ssi but we need to get to colarado real soon .Pray for Eric

  11. I am a Mom of a 32 year old who has been on THC/CBD oil since January 2014, if I could go to the President of the United States and show him the difference in this child, he would never believe it, but he would make marijuana legal in all states if he saw what a new life our daughter has. If I can send pictures you and anyone who looks at them would never believe this. Medical Marijuana is legal in Rhode Island, but we have to pay out of pocket which is fine. Our Stacy Lynn has a new life, thank God!!!!

  12. People… this is beautifully painful…
    Although many of us (like myself) will not be able to attend our thoughts and prayers can be with those who have fought, are fighting and with the ones who provide care. #Cannabis #Heals #Lives
    During the showing tomorrow… the-faces-of-cannabis-recognizes-the-young-heroes-of-medical-marijuana
    Please pause to remember those who fought hard but no longer fight with us… like Amelia and her family.
    I followed her story as her family shared her fight which included changing laws in Minnesota.

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