7 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Thank you for bringing this program to my attention, I will do all I can to spread word of this program. I greatly admire your courage and wish the best for all of these children and to all of you very brave parents. Bless you all

  2. To whom it may concern:
    My son James lin is 19 years old boy. He was born in Sydney, Australia. He suffered Epilepsy since he was a 2.5 months baby. He had a few small seizures last Thursday then sent to Emergency. After More and more serzures in emergency, he was sent to ICU. He was better yesterday. He was sent to ward yesterday afternoon. But Last night he slept not well. And he had some seizures again this morning. He turned back to ICU. With breathing tube in his mouth because he had midazolam drip. It making him drowsy sleep.
    I want to get this Medicine “Epidiolex” to instead Midazolam to avoid the risk!
    Please let me know how can i get it ?!

    Feng Zheng

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